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Why Be a Seed of Hope?

If you’re looking for community service that truly serves a local community, then look no further.  Seeds of Hope, Inc. provides meaningful community service for local students while helping those in need in the Lithia/Brandon, Florida area.

We offer opportunities that are organized, creative, provide leadership skills and are hands on mission focused. Volunteer

Our student volunteers make an incredible impact on our local community & gain real world life experience that helps them for their future. Examples of what our student volunteers have done are: sports collections drives, canned food collections, school supply drives, blanket drives, sweatshirt drives & lots more!

Students who become more invested in the process then become more invested in the people who need the items.  Students come to our organization needing community service hours for college applications and often continue to volunteer well past their required hours knowing the service they’ve provided to others has made an impact in the local community.

If you’d like more information about volunteering, please send an email to

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