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Soup for the Soul
Our last event took place February 19, 2020 - Thank you to everyone who helped make this a success!! Check back for future events!

View some fabulous Memories from 2020

2020 local Celebrity Chefs:

*Minestrone: by The George Shea Team / The George Shea Team

*Chicken Dumpling Soup: by Miss Peggy Davenport / Davenport Daily Delights

*Creamy Tomato Soup and Potato Soup with Chorizo: by La Villa Mexican Grill / La Villa Mexican Grill

*Chili: by Commerce Connections / Commerce Connections

*Pasta with Red Sauce and Plain Pasta: by Park Square Social / Park Square Social

Dessert: Brandon Legal Group
Salad & Bread: State Farm
Drinks: Coca-Cola

Soup for the Soul – Hosted by Randall Seeds of Hope Club

Who needs a little soul in their life? You do! Come be a part of a soul FULL event that will leave you feeling full in so many ways.  This is Randall Middle School Seeds of Hope Club raising money for the Backpacks of Hope program.

This event will help students continue to provide for local souls in need! Soup for the Soul ticket includes:
• Endless soup and dessert servings provided by local “celebrity” chefs.
• A commemorative wood burned wooden “soul” soup spoon.
• Musical arrangements and entertainment!

When: Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Time: 6:00-8:00 P.M.

Where: Randall Middle School Cafeteria

$15 (1) Ticket

This year we are offering a take-out option.  When choosing take-out, please choose soup(s) during take-out. One type of soup per ticket.  Take out will be soup only and not include other items.  You will still need to park and come in to pick up your soup

Ticket Information: Our backpack program exists because of the generosity and support of this community. We fill 220 backpacks each week. It costs $10 to fill each backpack with food. Your $15 ticket fills one backpack with food AND you can enjoy unlimited soup, salad, bread, dessert and drinks.

Tickets should be purchased ASAP so the chefs can plan accordingly. If you know your student’s Seeds of Hope Club color group please be sure to select it in the drop down menu so that they will receive credit for your ticket purchase.

If you’d like to donate to Seeds of Hope, we are also asking for your help to raise money to buy the food for the backpacks we fill each week. A donation of $100 will fill 10 backpacks of food. Please consider sponsoring some backpacks. Every bit helps. Thank you so much.

Sponsorship Levels for Donations:

Platinum $500
Gold $400
Silver $200
Bronze $100

We are excited to announce there will be raffle baskets at this awesome event! You can preorder 30 raffle tickets for only $20.00. Raffle basket winners will be drawn at 7:30pm.

Pre-order Tickets ASAP to make sure your purchase supports a Randall Middle School Color Group!

Testament from one of our Families that receives a backpack of food each weekend: “We have one family whose mother was finally able to gain employment. When she did, her food stamps were cut by $200 a month due to making ‘too much money.’ They had just secured housing after staying with other people for more than two years, so mom now had those additional expenses as well. She told me how grateful she was for the program and informed me that the food we were giving them was literally the only thing they had in the house to feed the kids. I don’t think many of us can even imagine the struggles some families go through and just how much this program and others like it help people that are less fortunate. It is not always a choice to be poor, and programs like this can mean the difference between going hungry or having a decent meal.”