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A message from the SOH President: today my biggest challenge was to figure out a sustainability plan for the Alafia River Disaster Relief effort. I think I’ve done that. I asked Corey Duncan, missions pastor at FishHawk Fellowship (813-655-7431 to lead the effort and to partner with Erick Ashley at Grace UMC who was there for us in so many ways in the beginning. The access to the amount of manpower needed, the time and energy to figure out the best and most efficient way to spend the money you’ve all so graciously given, and truly be a future presence for these people – meeting unforeseen needs is something I felt was beyond the mission of Seeds of Hope. Any gift cards, cash donations or online donations for the Alafia Recovery effort will be turned over to Corey and he will determine where/how best to distribute. When I began us down this road 3 days ago, I had no idea where it would lead…. We did something that no one else would – Not the Red Cross, Not FEMA, Not Hillsborough County. We were a seed of hope to people – the forgotten people – in one of their darkest hours. The amount of donations, volunteers and requests to help was overwhelming. Thank you. All of the people on the Alafia know that through the recovery, Seeds of Hope will be there for them – providing access to food at the food bank once a week. And, if Corey sees a direct food need after houses are cleaned and people return, we will be there to help. It’s going to be a long recovery…