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About us

About us

Our Story So Far

Started in 2009, Seeds of Hope is located in Lithia, Florida and is primarily funded through the annual FishHawk Turkey Trot.  This race helps provide food assistance to our community for a year. What started as a simple concept has grown exponentially, but the basic idea has remained. The mission of Seeds of Hope is to provide help to local people in need and meaningful community service hours for students.

    • Seeds of Hope has three main ways of distributing food; once a week distribution open to all, backpack of hope program coordinated with local schools (during school year & summer school) and through a mobile pantry for local residents.
    • In addition, the food bank offers major food distributions aimed at helping families with children before long school breaks (Thanksgiving, Christmas and Easter). Events before major holidays include gifting turkeys and boxes of food to help families not only sustain during the holiday but celebrate together.
    • Seeds of Hope includes timely donation drives, which are organized by students: an example includes school supply drive leading up to the school year.

We hope that the seeds of hope and service we plant today will lead to a brighter future tomorrow for all our children!

Our Team

Seeds of Hope, Inc. is a 501c3 charitable organization which gives 100% of the proceeds from all donations and events to support the mission of providing meaningful community service for students and hope to underprivileged families in our community. Our Board members are all members of our community and receive no financial compensation for their time and efforts. 2023/2024 Board members: Leda Eaton, President; Joanne Boerner, Vice President; Millie Shikes, Secretary; Kevin Eaton, Treasurer.

Seeds of Hope Administrator

Kyra Friga

Joanne Boerner

Vice President

Kitty Cunningham

Community Outreach

Wednesday Food Bank Manager

Kristie Phelps

Thursday Food Bank Manager