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SOH President message #2: Thank you all for allowing me time to wrap my head around the direction our charity will go and what our role will be as we begin the second phase of the Alafia Disaster Recovery process. I have decided we will be meeting the needs of this community individually. I will be posting many mini-projects that can be owned by either an individual or a group. I have a form that includes short term and long term needs that the people in need are filling out when they come to the food bank for items. So, short term needs are things like showers, clean clothes, food. Long term needs are things like a washing machine, a car that’s been flooded, refrigerator (these are in long term because the house will need to be cleaned out and de molded before these can be put in.) My only requirement of you is that if you tell me you will do the project, do it.

I always refer to the way we run the food bank as a “boutique” food bank and I suppose if you’ve got the resources – why not be a “boutique” disaster relief program? So, let me know if you have a group interested in owning some of the things these people have told me they lost/need to start again. Needs can be as low as a couple hundred dollars and as high as $2,000.

Much love to all of you who have championed this cause. I seriously can’t tell you how much it means to me.

Your fearless captain of the ship….Leda Auvil Eaton