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So here’s the SOH plan going forward: I have contacts within the Alafia River community who are giving me information about which residents are in the most need and who are deserving and would be appreciative of our help. I feel strongly that there are many who we as a group, we as a community can assist. My plan is to gather as much information as I can from people who know the people. I’m not enlisting the calvary yet but be on stand-by. This is a very mixed community in many ways – I need to ensure that we are on the right path before I start us as an organization down any road. On another note: I’ve opened our food bank up to the residents affected by the disaster for the next 7 days: Sat 9/16 through Sat 9/23 from 10 am to 2 pm. I’ve contacted people to spread the word in the Alafia community. We have all of our donated supplies out on tables so people can shop. We’ve had a couple of families come through already and there is still as you can imagine, waves of sadness. We are offering hope and recovery, hugs and a shoulder in addition to supplies. I have my student volunteers lined up but if anyone would like to come up and say “hi” that would be awesome. I’ll be there as well because, hey, where else would I be? I love showing people what we as a group have built.